We Challenge YOU to the Henderson Virtual Tip Jar Challenge!

Gift a tip to a Henderson service industry worker!
What is the Henderson Virtual Tip Jar?
The Downtown Henderson Partnership launched a “virtual tip jar” Thursday, compiling the Venmo and PayPal accounts of Henderson service industry workers to give them a boost during financially dubious times. This was created by the Downtown Henderson Partnership to help support Henderson’s service industry workers. “People looking for ways to help in these uncertain times can now tip servers, cooks, kitchen staff, stylist and others from their favorite restaurants, bars, and salons that have been hurt in wake of COVID-19,” says DHP Executive Director, Lindsay Locasto.
1.      Click on Henderson Virtual Tip Jar at downtownhenderson.org
2.      If you are in the service industry: fill out the form on the Google form to add your name to the list.
3.      If you’re a citizen looking to help: choose a worker from the list and gift a tip to their listed Venmo or PayPal account.
4.      Share this far and wide!
If you don’t see your favorite service industry folks listed, encourage them to fill out the form.

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